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WOW Gift

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Mini Bio

  1. Degree in Media studies from the University of Ulster (1989)
  2. 10 years in leadership and sales within the UK media sector
  3. Communications advisor on highly contentious Australian infrastructure projects
  4. Over the years, attended many, many ineffective presentation skills courses so had to design new ones
  5. Now a highly sought after keynote speaker
  6. Inspiring audiences internationally to "Wake up Your WOW" for better business results and a happier life

Business Consultancy

  1. Masters in Information Technology from the University of the West of England (2000)
  2. Launched IT company which won a UK Department of Trade and Industry award for innovation
  3. Launched own business consultancies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  4. Inspiring change for everyone especially in sectors that are culturally demanding or highly change-resistant
  5. Experience in manufacturing, government, defence, IT, real estate, franchises, SMEs

Making Change Stick

But here's the problem. Even with all the great results I helped my clients achieve, I noticed that they themselves were not changing. They would have the same problems once I had left. So I began to research how to make change stick. I travelled widely to study NLP, hypnosis, the mindset of billionaires, and the unconscious mind.

The Result

Put simply, I help you Wake Up Your WOW so you can do anything you set your mind to...