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Keynote 1 (Motivation)
Cath Vincent
Wake Up Your WOW!
How to operate at maximum energy, confidence and motivation every day no matter what challenges you face

Human beings are creatures of habit, and we typically do the same things and get the same results. In this keynote, you will learn how to do things differently to get better results in any area of your life so you can feel great and be your personal best
Through Cath’s unique 6-layer model for change, you will discover:
  1. what impacts your personal WOW
  2. micro-changes you can make straight away to get more of what you want
  3. how to change your habits for greater success.

Keynote 2 (Public Speaking - Beginners)
Cath Vincent
Speak up for Your Business
How to get super-confident at public speaking so you can position yourself as an authority and win more business

If you are not supremely confident every time you speak, you are not truly the best ambassador for your business. The good news is that confidence – like any other habit – can be learned. International motivational speaker, Cath Vincent, will let you in on the tips and tricks so you can:
  1. deliver your presentation with less planning and no notes
  2. command the attention of every person in the room
  3. never feel nervous again.

Keynote 3 (Public Speaking - Advanced)
Cath Vincent
Own the Room
How to use the techniques professional speakers use so you can stand out on any platform

Whatever your reason for speaking – whether it’s to promote your business or inspire a classroom – very few people learn the simple techniques to “ARM” the audience ensuring their Attention, Retention and Mention. Once you’re already proficient with presenting, Cath will help you unlock your own style and add in tips to move you from good to exceptional so you can:
  1. rapidly improve your skills as a speaker
  2. become more authentic, accessible, and inspiring
  3. achieve your speaking goals quicker.

Keynote 4 (Customer Service)
Cath Vincent
Finding the Gold in Your Business
How the practice of great customer service can create a tangible revenue stream

Keeping customers happy can often seem more time-consuming than the actual business you are in. Most people invest most of their energy in getting new customers and overlook the true potential of the customers they already have. With a few simple tips and little extra effort, you will see the results of your customer service on the bottom line. Learn:
  1. great customer service can be as easy as breathing
  2. the 3 pillars of customer service that most people overlook
  3. simple tips to influence unhappy customers for a happy outcome.