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Is your business more "Ow" than "WOW"?
Birds Fly
Or do you simply have dreams and goals you’re just not getting to?
As human beings, we are creatures of habit, so I often ask clients this: Do you really have 20 years' experience ... ...or just 1 year of experience repeated 20 times? Your best thinking is giving you the results youre getting now. And if you want better results, then you need to upgrade your thinking. That's where a coach comes in:
  1. Everyone has a blind spot
  2. Most people struggle to hold themselves accountable
  3. We all sometimes lack energy, confidence or motivation
If you're not getting the results you want, check out the ten most common reasons
  1. Lack of focus on measurable goals
  2. Everyday distractions eg email
  3. Use of time on non-dollar producing activities (productivity vs earnings)
  4. Expectation (“the market’s bad”)
  5. Feeling under pressure to reduce price (in some sectors)
  6. Call reluctance / fear of cold calling
  7. Lack of confidence or self-belief
  8. Inability to maintain motivation
  9. A de-motivating concern about money
  10. Poor energy management, lack of leisure and interrupted sleep
Cath Vincent
Corporate Mentoring Programme for Sales People and Business Leaders
(A limited number of places are also available each quarter for SMEs - enquire to check your suitability.)
Mentoring for Professional Speakers
With over 10 years in business consultancy and a rapid success rate as a keynote speaker, Cath is the perfect person to coach you in making a viable business from your public speaking dreams.